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The holistic approach to scuba diving

Water is the source of life on planet earth. It is also the first element we humans move in as a fetus. Deep inside us is the memory of feeling safe being immersed in a liquid enviroment. Yet, like all mammals - even dolphins and whales -, we enter this world with the instinct to hold our breath when our face is underwater. That is the reason that diving is fun only after you conquer this instinct. To achieve that you need to learn and practice the right skills not just during your course but in every single dive.

As your buddy and your instructor I will be looking for the weak spots and give you my opinion no matter how advanced your certification is.  Even to a total novice I will show the right habits from the first underwater breath. Every Open Water Diver graduate has trained with me the discipline, buoyancy and style basics for his future dive career. I am on a mission to make safe divers, as it is the basis of all other experience and feeling underwater. The fun in diving with me lies in finding out more about yourself underwater and not so much in watching the fish. I teach you to trust yourself and your equipment and aquire the good habits that will make your future dives safer and more enjoyable. Use the time with me to learn. Then you will be able to discover on your own the deep spirituality of a new dimension. 

In awe at 1m depth

in awe at 1m depth

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