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All dives are private and by appointement only.
Prices in Euro are per person and are to be payed in advance please. Prices include VAT, full equipment rental, drinks and snacks and detailed debriefing. Divers with own equipment except tank and weights get a 10 Euro deduction. 

Courses are private lessons tailored to your needs, they include certification and all student materials and are offered in english, greek, german, swiss-german, french and the basics in italian.  

Please note that a detailed debriefing is actually mandatory. I am on a mission to make safe divers. If you believe you have nothing to learn, please don't book with us. 

Discover Scuba Diving:  150 Euro (min age 10yrs) 4 hrs

Shore dive:       90 Euro  4 hrs

Night Dive:       110

Tune up for certified divers:  150 Euro 

Boot Camp
for advanced divers: 150 Euro
In a safe enviroment train your emergency coping skills in a realistic scenario. Two dives on different days recommended.

Open Water Diver Course (min age 15yrs) Junior (min age 12yrs with me):   800 Euro
I offer an extra dive in this course to teach buoyancy and frog kick (including introduction to 'reverse' and 'helicopter'). I see you as a potential technical diver, so you know all the good habits from the very beginning.

Hotel Pick-up:  20-40 Euro fixed (max 3 persons)

No equipment rental without dive booking, sorry.

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